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meno: Mrs Julian Hoffman dátum: 18.05.2020 01:43:23


Do you need a loan to start up business or to pay your bills and a corporate financial for real estate and any kinds of business financing. ( Mrs Julian Hoffman ) We also offer Loans to individuals,friends and corporate bodies at 2% interest rate. We give out loan to serious minded people that are interested of loan if interested contact this email: julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com
meno: Mrs Julian Hoffman dátum: 18.05.2020 01:42:50



Apply for a quick and convenient loan to pay off bills and to start a new financing your projects at

a cheapest interest rate of 2%. Do contact us today via:

testimony.julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com with loan amount needed as our minimum loan

offer is 1,000.00 to any choice of loan amount . I am certified ,registered and legit lender . You

can contact me today if you are interested in getting this loan, contact me for more information

about the loan process, process like the loan terms and conditions and how the loan will be

transferred to you. I need your urgent response if you are interested.


(1)Full Names:
(2)Amount Needed as Loan:
(3)Phone Number:
(7)Monthly Income:
(8)Marital Status:
(9)Have you applied before:
(10)Loan Purpose:

NOTE:All Responses should be forwarded to: testimony.julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com for

quick processing.
Thank You,

Testimony Goodwill
meno: Mrs Julian Hoffman dátum: 18.05.2020 01:41:31


Are you tired of Seeking Loans and Mortgages, have you been turned down constantly By your

banks and other Financial Institutions or micro finance scheme. This is to let you know with

100% guarantee that we Offer loans ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000,000 at 2% interest rate

per Month. We give out LOANS for developing business a competitive edge/business expansion.

Be rest assure that We are certified, trustworthy, reliable, efficient, Fast and dynamic. and a co-

operate financier for real estate and any kinds of business financing, we give out long term loan

for 6 Month to 30 years maximum and all interest rate and calculate and allow to be pay


We offer the following kinds of loans and many more; We offer the following loans to


*Personal Loans
*Commercial Loans
*Investments Loans
*Development Loans
*Consolidation Loans
*Student Loans
*Car Loans
*Mortgage Loans
*Acquisition Loans
*Construction loans

Business Loans And many More: If you are highly interested in our loan offer, kindly contact us

via our e-mail id below. ( julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com )
meno: Rose, Tina dátum: 18.05.2020 00:31:40

I am Mrs. Rose, Tina Domonkos. I have offered to make you the beneficiary to my funds worth $45.3 million dollars. Contact me back if you have interest.via my personal email: (rose.ttina@aol.com) for more details
meno: John Williams dátum: 18.05.2020 00:31:23
Do you need a quick long or short term loan with a relatively low interest
rate as low as 2%? We offer business loan, personal loan, home loan,auto
loan, student loan, debt consolidation loan e.t.c. no matter your credit
score. We are guaranteed in giving out financial services to our numerous
clients all over world. With our flexible lending packages, loans can be
processed and transferred to the borrower within the shortest time
possible, contact our specialist for advice and finance planning. If you
need a quick loan contact us at: email : johnwilliamsj687@gmail.com

call or add us on what's app +1 979-773-8662
meno: George Williams dátum: 18.05.2020 00:31:04
Are You Financially down? Grab this life time financial loan offer and give
your business, education, homes and construction a lift. $10,000.00 to
$40,000,000.00 with a maximum of 50 years at 2.0%. Contact us with the
information below so that we can proceed.. Contact us today at:https
1. Full Names:______
2. Contact Address:__________
3.Country __________
4. Loan Amount Needed:_________
5. Duration of the loan: _________
6. Direct telephone number:________
7. Purpose of the Loan:________
11.Monthly Income._________


George Williams

CONTACT US WITH THIS EMAIL: gwilliams18443@gmail.com
meno: GLENF THOMAS dátum: 17.05.2020 17:57:29


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meno: PHILIP GONZALEZ dátum: 17.05.2020 17:56:48



We offer certified and verifiable bank instruments via Swift Transmission from a genuine provider capable
of taking up time bound transactions.


PRICE $ 32$+2$

Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, loan financing by providing you with yearly. RWA ready to close leasing with any interested client in few banking days
renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with issuing bank lease providers, this Instrument can be monetized on your behalf for 100$ funding: For further details contact us with the below information.


Email:masfinancialservices1@cash4u.com text on 770-824-6784.

WHATSAPP NUMBER:+1-740-966-1107

meno: PHILIP GONZALEZ dátum: 17.05.2020 17:56:06



Dear Friend,

Learn mask is urgent needed there with sanitizers, we have N95 KN95 and disposable face masks to offer with sanitizers,CE and FDA certified.

Competitive prices and quality.
Mask and sanitizers are shipped by air. Safe and Quick

Any needs please email me for quotation.

name philip Gonzalez
Whatsapp :+1-740-966-1107
meno: Heather Carl dátum: 17.05.2020 01:25:20


Hello everyone, I am Heather Carl, a single mother from san francisco, I would like to share this great testimony on how I received my loan from the loan company Julian Hoffman when we were expelled from our home when I could not pay my bills anymore, after having been stolen by several online companies and denied a loan by my bank and other other credit unions I visited. My children were taken care of by the host, I was alone on the street. Until one day, I ignored an old colleague who introduced me to the loan company Julian Hoffman. At first I told her that I am not ready to take the risk of borrowing another loan online, but she assured me that I received my loan for them. On a second thought, I took due to my homework, I took a test and requested the loan, luckily for me, I received a loan of $50,000.00 from (Julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com). I am happy to take the risk and apply for the loan. My children were returned to me and now I own a home and a business of mine. All gratitude is to the lending company Julian Hoffman for giving meaning to my life when I lost all hope.
meno: Andrew Eric Dennis dátum: 17.05.2020 01:21:41


Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Eric Dennis, and i am from Ascension Island ; I am 45 years old ... I am married with three children, I want to inform you about the kindness of the Lord, I was hit in a financial situation, and I needed to pay my bills, I tried to seek loans from several private credit companies and corporate, but never with success, and most banks have lowered my credit. But finally, I want to thank God Almighty for taking me to a real lender and Legit named Mrs. Julian Hoffman, CEO of Julian hoffman finance, after having been swindled the sum of $100,000.00 by false creditors, I was hopeless and did not know whom To trust as she came and put a big smile on my face When lending me the sum of $450,000.00 in my biggest surprise, So dear, if you must contact any company with reference to securing a loan with a low interest rate of 2% and better Repayment plans and timeline, contact (Julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com) And also if you were a victim of Scam, do not worry anymore, because I brought good news and the only lender you can trust, just contact her now via (Julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com) for more information on how to get your loan. She does not know I'm doing this. I pray that God will bless you abundantly by putting a smile on my face and in my family.
meno: Mrs Dorothy Carol dátum: 17.05.2020 01:06:39


Hello friends!!! My name is Dorothy Carol a citizen of USA. i want to testify of the good Loan Lender who showed light to me after been scammed by 6 different Internet international lenders, they all promise to give me a loan after making me pay a lot of fees which yield nothing and amounted to no positive result.i lost my hard earn money and it was a total of 5,000USD. One day as i was browsing through the internet looking fraudsters when i came across a testimony of man who was also scammed and eventually got linked to a legit loan company called Julian Hoffman Loan Company (julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com)where he finally got his loan,so i decided to contact the same loan company and then told them my story on how i have been scammed by 6 different lenders who did nothing but to course me more pain.I explain to the company by mail and all they told me was to cry no more because i will get my loan in their company and also i have made the right choice of contacting them.so i filled the loan application form that was given to me and proceeded with all that was requested of me and I was given a loan amount of $100,000.00 Dollars by this great Company (Julian Hoffman Loan Company} managed by Mr.Julian Hoffman, and here i am today happy because Julian Hoffman LOAN COMPANY has given me a loan so i made a vow to my self that i will keep testifying on the internet on how i got my loan.Do you need a loan urgently? kindly and quickly contact Julian Hoffman Loan Company now for your loan via email:julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com

Thank You All

Mrs Dorothy Carol
meno: Mr Richard Mark dátum: 17.05.2020 00:52:12


Good day I am Mr Richard Mark by name and i live in united kingdom i will like to talk about the goodness of God in my life after so many months of trying to get a loan on the internet and was been scammed so i became desperate in getting a loan from a legit lender online then i saw a comment from a friend called Walter Chad and he talked about this legit loan company where he got his loan fast and easy without any stress so he introduced me to a lady called Mrs Julian Hoffman who controls a firm called Julian Hoffman Loan Firm, So i applied for a loan sum of($300,000.00usd) with low interest rate of 2% so the loan was approved and deposited into my bank account that was how i was able to get my loan to keep my broken business running and also to pay off my bills so i am advising everyone of you who is interested in getting a loan fast and easy to kindly contact the loan company via email:(julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com) to get any kind of loan you need today,thanks as you read the greatest testimony of my life.
meno: Patricia Linda dátum: 17.05.2020 00:49:22


How My Credit Score Was Restored My name is Patricia Linda from houston, CA, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Julian Hoffman LOAN & JEWELRY for helping me restore my credit score and my dying business by granting me a mortgage of $50,000 after being turned down by my bank and other financial agencies I visited. I recommend everyone out there in need of financial assistance in other not to fall into the wrong hands while searching of a liable mortgage to contact this company via email: julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com

Best Regards.
meno: Emely Ponce dátum: 17.05.2020 00:46:33


Hello my name is Emely Ponce I live in Uk last week I was looking for an urgent loan of $ 100,000 to start a business and pay my bills that I applied for in a company called Rank Carlos Loan Company in South Africa. I was cheated about $ 2,000 since last week I was still looking for a loan, but one day I saw that Darwin published on the Internet how he was charging his loan, so I followed the link below the email address (Julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com) Then I applied for a loan of $ 100,000 but before applying, I was afraid I would not be scammed again, so I put all my work with God and Laura Smith, so I requested it. I immediately
requested that I obtain the loan in 1 hour in my bank account here in Uk, so I want to use this. Little opportunity to tell everyone here in Uk not to apply for any loan that is not insured and that I know there are many lenders who are not really, but in this case of Mrs. Laura Smith, I trust her for my satisfaction of that she is really and her loan is insured so I send her today under her contact address (Julianhoffman.finance55@gmail.com) and Mrs.Emely Ponce is also here to hear her own testimony like me because I can not keep This great story just from my heart, that's why I share with each and every one the good things that Mrs. Laura Smith has helped me and my family, so stay in touch to meet Mrs. Laura Smith and redeem your loan without any street and disappointment waiting to hear your great testimony and today my life has changed history to Glory and God bless you and your family following the good of our country Uk and God
bless Mrs. Laura Sm i the and his family too.
meno: Illuminati dátum: 16.05.2020 18:42:35
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meno: priscilla fox dátum: 16.05.2020 14:20:26


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meno: LOAN OFFER TODAY dátum: 16.05.2020 10:19:56



We are financial consultants providing reliable loans to individuals and funding for business, home and projects start up. Are you tired of seeking loans or are you in any financial mess. Do you have a low credit score, and you will find it difficult to get loans from banks and other financial institutions? then worry no more for we are the solution to your financial misfortune. we offer all types of loan ranging from $5,000.00 to $533,000,000.00USD with a low interest rate of 2% and loan duration of 1 to 35 years to pay back the loan secure and unsecured. Are you losing sleep at nights worrying how to get a Legit Loan Lender? Contact us via Call/Text +1(415)630-7138 Email drbenjaminfinance@gmail.com

Do you have a bad credit? Do you need money to pay bills? Do you need loan to buy, refinance or renovate your home? Is it necessary to start a new business? Do you have an unfinished project due to poor funding? Do you need money to invest in any specialty that will benefit you? DR.BENJAMIN FINANCIER LOANS aims is to provide excellent professional financial services which include the followings

* Personal loan * Business loan
* Home loan * Farm Loan
* Education loan * Debt consolidation loan
* Truck Loan * Car Loan
* Eviction Loan
* Equipment Loan
* Hotels Loan
* Refinancing Loan

Yours Faithfully
Dr Benjamin Scarlett Owen
Call/Text +1(415)630-7138
meno: dan morgan dátum: 15.05.2020 12:33:40
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Bless you sir!
meno: Dr. Bradley Louis dátum: 14.05.2020 11:54:09


APPLY TODAY FOR AFFORDABLE 100% LEGITIMATE HOME/REAL ESTATE/PERSONAL/BUSINESS LOANS Email for immediate response: (dr.bradleylouisloans@gmail.com) Text/Call (917) 383-2689

DO YOU NEED A LOAN? Are Financially down, Cry no more, Financial problem is nothing to cry about, it something we will have to fight against in one Love, Understanding, Trust and Unity. So our faith as Legitimate Financial Consultants is putting an end to the financial hardship. We are investors providing financial services and we specialize in both start up projects,Home Finance and existing businesses needing funding or Loan for expansion. We are committed to helping businesses develop and succeed.Do you have a low credit score and you are finding it hard to obtain capital loan from local banks and other financial institutes? Do you need an urgent loan to buy a house? If Yes worry no more for we are out here to help the less financial privileges get the loan they need to get back on their feet no matter your credit score, you can say goodbye to all your financial crisis and difficulties. We offer loans ranging from ($5,000.00.USD To $500,000,000.00.USD) At a low and affordable interest rate of 2%, without collateral and without credit check. Bradley Louis Loans holds all of the information about how to obtain money quickly and painlessly (dr.bradleylouisloans@gmail.com) Text/Call (917) 383-2689

Need emergency funds? Apply now and get your cash approval. we offer the following financial services:
*Personal loans,
*Debt consolidation loans,
*Venture capital,
*Business loans,
*Education loans,
*Home loans
*Car Loans
*Hotel Loans
And many more.

Are you looking for genuine loan? contacting the right company for legitimate loan lender have always been a huge problem to clients who have financial problem and in need of solution to it at an affordable interest rate? Are you in any financial mess or do you need funds to start up your own home project and real estate development? Do you need a loan to start a nice small or large scale and medium business?
contact us today (dr.bradleylouisloans@gmail.com) Text/Call (917) 383-2689
Look forward to your response,

Dr. Bradley Louis
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